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  1. MIRA NASHED says:

    I just want to thank HN Travel for arranging all me vacation trips with providing me excellent rates on airfair,hotels and tours which i found that it always the best prices and excellent service .I have been using HN Travel for more than 6 years and i am so glad that every time i travel it is better and better i am so glad.
    i am looking forword for my next summer trip so i will call to arrange it now.

  2. John Nashed says:


    I would like to thank HN Travel for putting together the best tour package ever during my trip to Egypt back in September of 201o. Thank you so much for a great work..I will be using HN Travel from now on.

  3. Hany Demetry says:

    it was a pleasure to deal with HN Travel to arrange for our trip to Egypt back in December 2010 from New York. Reminders of required passports for each one of us prior to our scheduled trip, all tickets were confirmed both ways which made it a great experience without any worries of what may come up at the airport.
    Thank you for your help, looking forward for the next trip.

  4. Andrew Z. says:

    Dear Hala,

    I returned from Italy on Monday night as scheduled. Italy was fun and interesting as usual, but hot and humid their hottest June in many years, I was told.

    All the flights went well, although the planes were packed. I actually arrived back at LAX slightly ahead of schedule. The limo driver was at baggage claim before I arrived, and the drive to Claremont was relaxing.

    Thank you for your help in planning my trip.

    Best wishes,


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